I love freedom.
I like the feeling of making beautiful things with my own hands and I like things which give people warm feelings.
I hate copycats and imitations.
I appreciate works and productions with original ideas.
I admire those independent singers and bands who sing and compose their own music
as they can always insist on their belief and pursue their goal of doing things with their own style.
Who ever says that it is impossible for one to have widely popular works according to one’s own instincts?
I wish I could provide some idiosyncratic good works.
They might be based on my own style, hopefully, people would appreciate and cherish them one day.
If you trust me,
pass that to me, so that I could bring it into full play easily and attentively.
I would put my entire effort on the production.
What I want are good pieces of work, but not those peculiar ones.