Hi! I am a freelancer!
All types of freelance jobs, partnerships or cooperations are welcomed!
Please kindly refer to the page, " Skills " and you would know what types of services I am offering.
I have been doing freelance jobs for a period of time.
As I am quite an experienced freelancer, I understand what the clients need as well as their concerns and worries.
I always look forward to having a long-term cooperation with my clients.
I can cope with jobs which have tight deadlines or missions which have technical problems.
Just feel free to contact me and I would try my best to work for you and provide you with some solutions.
The cooperations between my clients and I are premised on the three highly perspectives: legal, trust and respect. Salary
is not my main concern. I sincerely hope that my clients would appreciate and feel
confident about my abilities, styles and aestheticism. With these,
I believe I could cooperate well and establish a good relationship with
my clients. Otherwise, I am afraid I might not take over the freelance job.

Terms and conditions [ Clients must know ]:
1 ) The “Freelance Agreement” (*provided by the freelancer) should be signed by both
      parties, the freelancer and the client, before the commencement of every freelance job.

2 ) All the resources (including but not limited to all pictures, videos, programming codes,
      and any other materials in any form), ideas and requests which are provided by the
      clients must be legal and granted with the copyright and licence.

3 ) The freelancer would turn down all freelance jobs which involve tort or other illegal
      requests and productions such as, copying, imitating, etc.

4 ) The freelancer could help the clients purchase the copyright licenses for those materials
      which would be used for the freelance jobs.

5 ) The freelancer would not have or accept any liability, obligation or responsibility once the
      freelance jobs are finished and handed over to the clients.

6 ) After finishing the freelance jobs and handing them over to the clients, the freelancer would not do
      any further changes, updates or maintenance, except for those who have special requests in advance.