Star Sign:

Snowy Kenlai @K





Expert in:

chatting and listening, telling stories, drawing, listening to music (especially,
piano jazz) , playing harmonica and guitar, playing sports, reading , DIY

night time, sweet stuff, hot lemon tea, black and white color, guessing what
the others are thinking, making things with my own hands

Open a shop and sell products which give sweet feelings. Live in Taiwan in
the future. Produce a piece of work which can touch the others. Maybe, act
as a teacher finally.

illustration, interactive web design (both graphics and programming), graphic
design, handcrafts, media design, video editing, sound editing, idea conceiving

Bachelor of Science in Creative Media in City University of Hong Kong with
First Class Honours, Higner Certificate in Comic and Animation Production in
UNiSOFT Education Centre

I look forward to cooperating in your projects and working freelance jobs for
you. Please feel free to contact me. It's my pleasure to make friends with you
and I'd welcome any comments and suggestions.